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Welcome to The Abkhazian language site. Abkhazian (Apsua) language is a corner-stone of Abkhazian national culture and identity. This site is dedicated to those who desire to learn some basics of Abkhazian language and those who are interested in Abkhazian culture.

Without further ado lets learn some basic Abkhazian phrases!

JMA AIG Бзиара убааит! Hello!
Иҟои? What's up?
Хар сымам. I'm fine!
Иҭабуп. Thank you!
Абзиараз. Good bye!

Abkhazia is famous for it's wonderful songs. But it's rather difficult to find lyrics. That's why the"Songs" section was added.

Abkhazia youth song New!

"Аиааира" (Victory) and first Abkhazia's President V.Ardzynba's speach New!

Song "Ritsa" New!

Abkhazia Anthem

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