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Х’әажәарпыҫыи Иарчхьауи разәабжь


1. Нарҭаа иаҳәшьа заҵәык дрыман. Гәында лыхьӡын. Даара ҧҳәыҙба ҧшӡан. Аҵ’ан раҳ Иарчхьау дыиыҙҳәан. Х’әажәарҧыҫ зыхьӡыз Нарҭаа дрываҟәылуа дыҟан. Иырашь акәадыр ҙақәыу аҩны ҩынтәы-хынтәы иах’ырыууааны даҵаҫны икны акәын дҙақәтәуаз данҽыжәлашаз. Кәашарыла, хәмаррыла, чаҧашьала, х’аҵ’арылагьы Нарҭаа иырыиҭуамызт.

1. The Narts had a sister. Gunda was her name. She was a very beautifull girl. She was engaged with the lord of atsans Yarchkhyaw. The one called Khwazhwarpys was equal to Narts. He threw his arash (magic horse) with its saddle on over a house twice and thrice then catching it from beneath he sat on him. He didn't yield to the Narts in dancing, entertaining, in courage and in build.
2. Длышьҭалт Нарҭаа раҳәшьа. Нарҭаа рлымҳа аҟнынӡа иынаигӡаит азәала игәы иҭаз. Иарҳәт нарҭаа раҳәшьа Иарчхьау дҙыиҙҳәаз ах’а агәхьаа мкыкәа уыҫ раиҳәт:
Сара дызгар сәаҙыразызар, Иарчхьау сиабашьуаит, саҵахуазар, иара диымазааит, сиааир, сара дызгараны, - ҳәа азәа рныиҵт.

2. He decided to win Narts' sister. He informed Narts of his intention. He was told that the sister of the Narts was engaged with Yarchkhyaw, but without worries he said to them: If you agree to my marriage with her, I will fight Yarchkhyaw, and if I loose let he have her, and If I win, I will take her - he told them.
3. Иаҙыразхан нарҭаа, иаибашьыит Иарчхьауыи Х’әажәарҧыҫыи. Иаибашьуа иаибашьуа иҫыҟаз, Иарчхьау изх’ык ахы аахан, иыхәыит. Иарчхьау быжьх’ык иых’агылан. Даныихә, азәа иыныиҵт Иарчхьау Х’әажәарҧыҫ, Аинар-жьыи иҟны дц’аны, иых’ы чаҧаны даанӡа аӡара иыиҭарац’ы. Х’әажәарҧыҫ даҙыразхыит аӡара иыиҭт.

The Narts agreed. Yarjkhyaw and Khwazhwarpys scuffled. As they were scuffling and scuffling, an arrow hit one of Yarchkhyaw's heads,and injured it. Yarchkhyaw had seven heads. After he was wounded, Yarchkhyaw bid Khwazhwarpys to let him go to Aynar-blacksmith repair his head and give him time till he returns. Kwazhwarpys agreed, and gave him a delay.

4. Нарҭаа ран Гәашьаныса ажәлар лыҧҳа лҙы иаидынҵәалуашәа анылба, дрықәшәыит: «Нан, сыҧҳа, бара бымшала ажәлар иаидынҵәалт. Иахьанах’ыс бара бымшала аӡәы шьаҧхӡы каимҭәааит, бара бҳашҳатәыраха баанхааит! Х’әажәарҧыҫ, уыхьӡ бзыиан, уҔәҔәан, адыунаи уах’аҵәаны уыҟан, уыхьӡ иахьанах’ыс имыӡуа, ух’әажәха адыунаи уахьӡаны уыҟалааит!. Иарчхьау, ахы иыныукьыҫыз уацәнымхааит!» - лҳәан, иыҙылҳәаз аиҧш зиагьы ааҟалт. Лара иылҳәалагь зиагьы ҟалуан аамҭала. Уыбрыи аҙауп рҳәуаит ах’әажә абнақәа рыҟны хабалагь иыҙыҟау.

"Nan, my daughter, because of you people are killing each other. Begining from this day may no one shed blood and sweat because of you, and you turn into stone! Khwazhwarpys, your glory was great, you were strong, you were famous throughout the world, may your name not vanish, and as rhododendron (akhwazhw) spread through the globe! Yarchkhyaw may you not survive the arrow that touched you!" - she said, and everything happened as she said. Everything she was saing happened in that time. That's why rhododendron is in every forest."



  1. Аиаҳәшьа - a sister
  2. Азаҵә - a single
  3. Амазаара - to have, to possess
  4. Ахьыӡ - A name
  5. Даара - very
  6. Аҧҳәыҙба - A girl
  7. Аҧшӡа - A beautiful
  8. Аҵ’ан - Atsan
  9. Аҳ - Lord
  10. Аҙҳәара - engage
  11. Аваҟәылара - to be equal to smb
  12. Аҟазаара - to be, to exist
  13. Арашь - a magic horse
  14. Акәадыр - a saddle
  15. Ақәзаара - to be on smth.
  16. Аҩны - A house, home
  17. ҩынтәы-хынтәы - twice, thrice
  18. Ах’ырыууаара - to throw over
  19. Аҵаҫра - come running up to smth from underneath (of falling objects)
  20. Акра - to catch
  21. Акәзаара - to be smb, to be smth
  22. Ақәтәара - to seat on smth
  23. Аҽыжәлара - to mount (a hourse)
  24. Акәашара - to dance, a dance
  25. Ахәмарра - to play, a game
  26. Ах’аҵ’ара - courage, bravery, manhood
  27. Аҭара - to give, to yield to smb
  28. Ашьҭалара - to follow, to strive for,
  29. Алымҳа - an ear
  30. Аҟнынӡа - to, as far as, till,
  31. Анагӡара - to bring to, to bring to the notice; to execute, to implement
  32. Азәа - a word
  33. Агәы аҭазаара - to think of, to be on smb mind
  34. Аҳәара - to say
  35. Аҙҳәара - to engage, to be engaged, to betroth
  36. Ах’а - but, however
  37. Агәхьаа - lit. heartache (not used in this meaning), "агәхьаа акра" or "агәхьаакра" (lit. to catch heartache of smth or smb) means to take into consideration, to worry about smth.
  38. Уыҫ - So, this way
  39. Сара - I
  40. Агара - to take, to marry
  41. Аҙыразра - to agree
  42. Абашьра - to fight against smb. to wage war against smb.
  43. Аҵахара - to loose, to be defeated
  44. Аиааира - to win
  45. Аибашьра - to fight against each other, to wage war against each other, War (noun)
  46. ҳәа -
  47. Азәа анҵара - to inform, to tell
  48. Ах'ы - a head
  49. Аахара - to damage, to wound
  50. Ахәра - to wound
  51. Быжьба (быжь-) - seven
  52. Ах'агылара - to stand over, to have (about head or hat)
  53. Аҟны - to, at
  54. Ац'ара - to go
  55. Ачаҧара - repair
  56. Аара - to come back, to come
  57. Аӡара - time, delay
  58. Аидынҵәалара - to destroy each other
  59. Абара - to see
  60. Ан - a mother
  61. Ажәлар - people, nation
  62. Аҧҳа - a daughter
  63. Аҙы - for, because of
  64. Ақәшәира - to curse smb.
  65. Амшала - because of
  66. Иахьанах’ыс - beginning from today
  67. Аӡәы - A person
  68. Ашьаҧхӡы - Blood and sweat
  69. Акаҭәара - to shed

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